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More and more carp anglers are making homemade baits! There is now especial interest in making homemade hook baits for winter and for single hook bait fishing for wary carp as well as for long range angling where highlighting a hook bait is vital to success! To get some totally new unique expert tips on such baits from someone with decades of bait experience read on and catch more big carp this year!

Many of you reading this on your home computer or iPad or other device will be wondering how on earth do I get more bites when I go fishing, and some of you will even be wondering how on the planet should i avoid yet another blank fishing. Some of you will be more focused and are aiming for target fish, perhaps the biggest 5 carp in a lake, or at least want to multiple numbers of bites to more efficiently work through the smaller fish and capture the biggest. Answers to all these and more are part of the bigger picture to consistent carp fishing success at the highest level possible!