More and more carp anglers are making homemade baits! There is now especial interest in making homemade hook baits for winter and for single hook bait fishing for wary carp as well as for long range angling where highlighting a hook bait is vital to success! To get some totally new unique expert tips on such baits from someone with decades of bait experience read on and catch more big carp this year! Many of you reading this on your home computer or iPad or other device will be wondering how on earth do I get more bites when I go fishing, and some of you will even be wondering how on the planet should i avoid yet another blank fishing. Some of early childhood development education will be more focused and are aiming for target fish, perhaps the biggest 5 carp in a lake, or at least want to multiple numbers of bites to more efficiently work through the smaller fish and capture the biggest. Answers to all these and more are part of the bigger picture to consistent carp fishing success at the highest level possible!

I get questions posed all the time regarding topics such as these: Homemade boilie recipes, advice about home made single connect baits, cell boilie ingredients, carp boilies quality recipes with salt, how much citric acid to use in carp baits, sour carp baits, why carp like vinegar, what to do with waste left on your boilie rolling table, amazing pop up bait dishes, correct levels of flavours to use, etc. I have made it my goal to answer all these and endless more, in technical and scientific terms, and in actual fishing reality proven catch results proven conditions. I’ve aimed to cut down on variables as much as bookkeeping certification within real angling testing so I can be really confident that what I discovered will work for anyone not just me, as long as a solution is applied in a refined way, a creative way, as that is the nature of various fishing situations, differing lake conditions, seasonal changes, individual genetic differences between fish sensitivities to different substances.

What about Fishing?

Fishing is definitely in part about creating new unique experiences for seafood regarding bait so that they drop their natural wariness and angling bait-conditioned caution and test a hook bait with its mouth. This is to induce them to actually mouth baits instead of using other structures and senses such as fin and belly testing of baits and lateral receptors, eyesight, using their tail to physically wash water around baits to sort baits which are tethered or move in ways baits usually do when attached to a mercedes benz houston, which may mean a connect bait being too heavy, or too light for example!

Lots of fishermen are wary of the subject of bait because they see it as beyond them, which is where I used to be, in a place where years ago reading articles in carp magazines on amino acids for example just turned me off! But bait is not about this, it is about getting the big picture, far beyond all the commercial bait hype and flashy pictures of fluorescent boilies and Goo which are really great visual stimulatory marketing devices that make bait company profits. In the bigger picture such things pale into insignificance. No-one needs to be dependent on readymade baits, ever! In fact more and more anglers are simply going their own way and have zero reason to ever buy another readymade bait ever again. The fear you see in some anglers faces when asked about changing from a brand of bait to another is astounding and this just shows how powerful the constant conditioning, hypnotizing of the masses has warped fishermen thinking of houston seo!